Tree’s! Amazing! Blog!!! Episode 1: Welcome To!

Episode 1: The Phantom, I mean the first edition of Tree's Amazing Blog. Be sure to keep up with my personal blog where I talk about my experiences as a dialysis patient, my new kidney transplant, and just life in general (how can you resist?!!).

Welcome to Find A Kidney Donor.Com!


This is the first website of its kind, where anyone can create a profile, upload videos, and deliver amazing stories, all to help one goal: connect amazing, life-saving organ donors with people currently waiting on the national waiting list. My name is Tree (as in Hugger) and I will be your guide on your journey here at Jurrasic Park…if Jurrasic Park was a website designed to save people’s lives instead of keeping dangerous dinosaurs around after at least 4 (about to be a 5th) different incidents of dinosaur-on-scientistĀ attacks.


Currently, only a few organs can be donated from one healthy person to another in need: a lobe of a lung, partial liver, pancreas, intestines, and a kidney. Of the over 110,000 people currently on an active waiting list, over 80,000 are patients in need of a kidney. This site is here to educate, collaborate, and advocate for all issues related to organ donation. However, as a 29-year-old writer who has been on dialysis for over 5 years due to End-Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure, I feel I know more about this subject than any other. That is why this site is not called (…also because it was already owned by GoDaddy…cough).




It is the goal of this website to attract as much attention as possible to not specifically organ donation, but the anonymous people who sit on the waiting list. To give a face and a name to those who would like to share who they are. Through this website and our social media accounts on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, I hope to make this process simpler and more interactive. The same holds true for the healthy people on here wanting to make the ultimate donation but unaware how or anyone in need. Everyone who uses this website is our hero, whether you’re in need, looking to give, or just helping us reach out to friends of friends who want to help those in need.


As the first official blog post and article for, I thought I would welcome my guests by taking them on a protracted journey through the world of organ donation, life on dialysis, and much more, sort of like a maiden voyage on a ‘first of its kind’ cruisliner…however I’ve seen enough of Titanic to see how that goes. So instead I will go through a few key points about the website as I’m sure many of you are already friggin’ bored. That way nobody needs to end up on a door in the middle of the Northern Atlantic (…was there only one door on the whole boat?).


What do we do?


Share Your Story: We encourage anybody who visits to create their very own profile. From here you can share your story, post photos of your life, message friends, and so much more. If you are looking to get your name out there to possible living donors, perhaps you’d like to create a video of your life on dialysis or just a vlog to show how awesome you are! *For those who need help in filming or editing their story, we are currently setting up a non-profit 501(c)3 that will allow us to send users digital cameras to borrow and hire volunteers to help us edit/format videos (so please check back regularly when that is available).*


Forums: A public forum where you can discuss just about anything, as long as its appropriate and not illegal. Questions about donating an organ? Check. Organisations that help provide help for Medicare? Check. Traffic safety discussions in the suburbs of Helsinki? Ok, not yet. But I have a feeling it’s coming.


Articles: Are you like me and unable to disconnect from the internet? Kinda like Neo without the kung fu or hacking? Why not have that? Looking for articles written by patients at different dialysis centers or transplant program? Great. Also bored and want to read an article on the 10 best beards in American history? Greater-est! I may be just an ok writer, but any list that ends and begins with Chuck Norris is definitely what you will find here.


Blog: Anytime I, as a dialysis patient, look up anything related to my kidney failure I look to hear from people who are experts and deal with this problem in their daily lives. will have blogs written by patients going through dialysis, on the organ waitlist, already transplanted, and living donors as well. Check back often to read new posts and see new vlogs created by real patients and donors.


And So Much More: The kind of help that this kind of website can create can only happen through evolution. New features and ideas that come straight from those who love this site. I also apologize for still taking the scenic route..instead of a shorter version of Titanic, I gave it a sequel, sorry (Titanic 2: The Revenge of Jack).


This site is constantly changing itself and adding new content to accomplish one goal: to help bring recipients and donors together. If only 1% of current organ donors registered in California gave a kidney, (partial) liver, pancreas, or intestine, almost everyone currently on the recipient waitlist would be saved.


Please feel free to write us about any changes you’d like to see.


Thank you again for your time. I apologize again for the length if you grew bored (…sigh).


Please sign up, share this website, like our social media accounts, and subscribe to our blogs.


  • a thought by Gail Lee

    I just read your story in the Eastbay Times Sunday paper and I must say it was a joy to read. I have PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and belong to a support group of people who also have it. One member of the group is on dialysis and in need of a kidney right now, so I will forward this information to him. Thank you for such a heartwarming story and being an advocate for hose of us with CKD.

    Gail Lee


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