10 Worst Business Decisions

Mergers & Acquisitions have become the bedrock of corporate America. With the M&A season kicking off in force, check out our list of the 10 worst business decisions in history.


ET Phones Mars Candy

This One Hits Rather Close To Home. As A Dialysis Patient With End-Stage Kidney Failure (Don’t Forget To Sign Up For Kidney Donation), Chocolate Is Not Part Of My Diet. This Also Hits Close To Home As My Dog Somewhat Looks Like ET…


As It Goes, Amblin Productions Was In The Middle Of Making Steven Spielberg’s ET: Extra-Terrestrial And Saw A Spot Perfect For A Product Placement. In Exchange For $1 Million In Tie-In Marketing, The Makers Of M&M’s (Mars Inc.) Could Feature Their Product In The Famous Candy Scene. You Know The Scene, Where The Young Child Leaves A Trail Of Candy Breadcrumbs To Capture A Weird Alien Botanist. Originally The Film Crew Was Going To Use Regular M&M’s, But The Mars Company Passed On Being Prominently Featured In The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Of The Last 40 Years. This Allowed Hershey To Step In And Introduce Their Relatively New Reese’s Pieces.


In The End, All Parties Involved Prospered. ET: Extra-Terrestrial Earned Almost $800 Million At The Box Office And 9 Academy Awards Nominations. Hershey Saw A Failing Candy Rise In Sales Over 300%. M&M’s Missed A Major Marketing Moment And Now Its Most Famous Campaign Revolves Around Danny Devito Asking People If They Will Eat Him.


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